Andy Perry

Andy is a Licensed Club Coach Award Performance Level 4 Coach and has been with us since 2008 and has become an integral part of the Club, along with his long-term assistant Sue Morrison (who deserves and gets her own page on this site !)photo As Head Coach at West Heaton Bowling, Tennis and Squash Club he has set up and integrated a programme for both the adults and the juniors incorporating Junior classes on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings as well as Saturday mornings.  Andy has increased the junior and adult members receiving coaching which helps everyone’s enjoyment and raises their game.  Both Andy and Sue also work at several local primary schools to increase awareness, enjoyment and an introduction to tennis.  A really popular feature of the coaching is the Tuesday night “Rusty Rackets”, which is adult coaching groups for beginners / re-starters (Tuesday 7pm and 8pm), as well as team practice sessions throughthe winter, and carries out additional individual sessions with members throughout the week. Not to mention Cardio tennis on Friday nights during the summer !For coaching details please see the main Coaching page here

Racket Restringing
Andy also offers a restringing service and offers this advice :
As a qualified stringer, I know the importance of ensuring racquets are strung on a regular basis, but members may not realise the effect of using old strings. Up to 50% of the performance of a racquet is lost over the period of 6 months, as a racquet loses its elasticity, and old strings can have a negative effect on injuries (Elbow / Shoulder) as well as the type of string used and the tension within the string itself.
A basic rule of thumb is ensure your racquet is restrung twice a year or the number of times you play in a week (say 3) then string it that number of times in a year.
I provide a 24 hour turn around if necessary, and the ideal time to get racquets restrung is prior to your season starting. I have attached a price list of the strings I provide, as well as an information sheet detailing why strings are important to any player, no matter what there standard.”

Please contact Andy direct to discuss your coaching requirements or book in for a lesson.
Phone 07525795445 or email via this form :